Wednesday, August 04, 2010

My favourite place! bed is where I make my stuff. 2.Bookcase where I dump my spare scraps of paper. 3.random wall. 4.My T.V

Artmind`s mosaic theme this week is to make a mosaic based around your favorite place.My favorite place is my bedroom. i always feel like i`m at somewhere safe in it. Although my room is extremely small, its cosy.Visit Artmind to have loads of crafty fun and see what happens in a creative life!


  1. I quite often find myself crafting in my bed while watching a movie. I love it! :)
    Nothing beats feeling at home in your favorite place!

  2. Me too, in my room i love just to watch TV while doing something crafty!

  3. your room is messy but cool
    who would of ever thought veronica had pink curtains?


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