Saturday, January 30, 2016

2015, Where Did You Go?

In 2015, evidence from self-indulging in my Facebook profile.

French people drunkenly singing in the new year is probably the most exciting, or probably just the most signifying memory of the beginning of 2015. That particular New Year my family decided to go into the city and experience the fireworks by the water. Effort was made to actually go to the location and since we arrived there at probably 12pm and the fireworks wasn’t until obviously, midnight there was a lot of exploring to be done to pass time. At least I had the presence of my cousins to keep me sane. I remember exploring weird tunnels which we in all honesty, was previously a jail or dungeon. Total nightmare fuel. There were several food stalls - ice-cream, coffee, chips, and the one that we were mostly intrigued by was a stall - not really, but a van converted into a mini kitchen. The exterior was industrial steel with a cinema reminiscent word display of their specials. Cheeseburger was one, but Shroomburger - how interesting!! My cousins and I decided to share the one - there was four of us all together but the burgers cost $17 each so being poor we had to share it. It was a good burger but $17 isn’t what you’d really want to hand over on a day to day basis for lunch. At a certain point we all became supremely bored so we pretty much slept in the sun for a couple hours - 3 or 4. There was no sunscreen involved and thus you should’ve seen my singlet tan! Back on track, we slept. You could imagine how comfortable we were sleeping in Australian summer heat, exposed without shelter except for a small umbrella on a hard grassly floor with a thin blanket preventing actual contact with the actual flora itself. I used my jumper as a pillow. During my sleep I’d like tithing that I was dreaming about the cute boy that was there as well. I came up with a story that he was an upperclass heir to a business but despite that was still dragged to this family tradition of going to see the fireworks (they were new money). They always went exceptionally early and he was well prepared with a good book and stocked with food. Thats my theory, i tied to turn it into a romance graphic novel but it wasn’t a success.

Lets skip a few musical performances and firework displays later to the part where everyone headed for a bus to leave the venue. There was so many people, i’d say over 3000 people. 
The line was long and frankly, we were all tired. It was nearing 1am however despite it being late and where everyone had probably been up the whole day from 6am, these French tourists who probably in university or something were singing so loudly non stop, harassing the policemen, smoking and bumping into me and my aunt. I was on my French romance kick after watching Ameile and Anna and the French Kiss so I was a little fine with it, but still annoyed. Fast forward 2 hours later we are on the train. We fall asleep until we get off, which is literally the terminating stop. The end for that new year.

I quit McDonalds in favour of another fast food company. I can’t be bothered explaining it wholly but i’m still, a year later, a bit sad. 

HSC is fast approaching for me this year and its hard to believe i’ve only been at it for a year. Its very hard to believe that I started my Preliminary subjects last year where they’ve become a very integrated structure in my high school life. My study habits are not good, i’m coming second last in math, i’m dropping one of the most easiest subject ever where i could’ve been ranked first in favour for history extension and I have an exam next week but despite that I love all the information that I’m taking in from my subjects. 

On my 16th birthday I wanted to do something special. Usually my birthday is left for me to sleep in or go to school like any other day but last year I had a new job, I had cash and hell, I had freedom. Isaiah, my little brother, accompanied me on my birthday adventure which started withI think a trip to town hall because of all the shops! Shopping is my life, seriously. I love to spend. Anyways, kinokuniya and abbeys bookstore are my faves. We went into Topshop and I bought the Pleather moto jacket that I had been eyeing for quite some time and I bought my brother a bottle green bomber jacket which he still uses today. We went to Newtown after because I had booked tickets to see the Studio Ghibli movie ‘When Marnie was There’. Before that I think we got ice cream from n2 which was fantastic!! Delicious! We got lunch from somewhere I have totally forgot. Anyways, we went to see the movie after and go my god it was such an amazing film. I nearly cried because it is immensely emotional. My brother and I both were incredibily pleased with the movie and after that we walked around some more where I dragged him to several second hand book stores (I spent so much money in them on novels as well as my brother did on gardening books) and we also went into a beautiful plant nursery or something which was full of plants that my brother was obsessing over. 

We went home after this where my family had come over to gamble. My mum bought some cheesecake for me to blow out the candles. 

I went to a Girls Programming Network a few days after which was incredibly rewarding and makes me wish that I 1) Started programming earlier. 2) Had more motivation/less laziness to start coding.

During 2015, more things happened yet despite is being only last year it feels so far away yet so near at the same time. It is as if I just let the year slip past me and I took it for granted. I entered the New Year in the Philippines, too scared to go outside because of all the dangerous, illegal fireworks that were being sent off in the streets where little children were bouncing with joy at the glimmering sights of the large fiery fountains or the sprinklers that shot up into the air with a sparkling trail behind them. I sat inside my grandmothers house on the very uncomfortable seats by myself and watched on the very large TV the fireworks that were happening in Manila, but through very bad reception. After wishing my large hoarse of Aunties and uncles a happy new year and also showing a large amount of affection for my cute grandparents I walked ‘home’ so I could finally sleep. 

2016 was been opened with more filipino trips, lots of fast food, cut fingers and tooth cavities. Confronting of teachers and a motivation for success but little action involved in turn. Lets see if its worth the hype. 

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Not so productive 2014

Non-existent readers. I am back (kinda).

This was probably after New Years. The extent of my painting this year, I suppose.

I got a new intuos tablet! How did I purchase this pretty expensive product? More on it later on…

Oh yeah…. I also went to Japan!!
I know!!

Lonely walks turned shopping sprees, Spirited Away everywhere, attempted journaling (which lasted about 2 days before I stopped) and purchases at places that weren’t even Japanese. I had gone to Japan with my elective class from school and it was one of the best experiences ever. I still remember on one of our break days my friend and I just slept in, did our laundry and then went out by ourselves in Tokyo – eating at small cafes and shopping. everyone who went had love affairs with the convenience stores; Lawsons, 7/11 and Holdings and Family Mart were the places we went to for all of our snacks, sometimes even for full meals. When we came back all we could say was “Everyone should go, it was the best, you’ll love it” – because Japan is exactly that.

This isn’t even all of the books i’ve read this year. I have bought a ton of books and im still going through some. I read Norwegian Wood in Japan – considering that the author is Japanese himself. It was alright, but i remember fondly back to when I was reading it in the bath in a hotel I was at and nearly dropping it in the water. Some pages are still reminiscent of the peppermint body wash I used. I bought the Human Files at the airport. I have also gone through many young adult romance books. I love them.

About the INTUOS tablet…. I actually saved up for it as I had gotten a job at  McDonalds! I just applied for the job without telling my parents until I was contacted for an interview. I also had joined a karate club. You may remember my A:TLA infatuation. Its still in motion. The show really inspired me to join karate. I love it.

I’ll try to have more photos from Japan up in a later post – but everyone should still go!

Thanks for sticking around even a year on,  Veronica. 

Monday, December 02, 2013

Pin + wire hook tutorial


As you know, I’m a crafty girl and as previously posted about, my pinning obsession is still up and running. Recently I’ve began making hooks out of wire and pins (well.. thumb tacks) and today i’ll show you how to make them (in really hard to understand steps!

They look like this and they currently hold a note for school and my ‘Dymo’ labeller.

2013 nov-dec 0162013 nov-dec 013 2013 nov-dec 015 

This is what you need:

2013 nov-dec 023  

2013 nov-dec 024 

Thumbtacks (or as shown, drawing pins). Also a score from my cousins dead grandfather (r.i.p).

2013 nov-dec 020 



1) Get your wire and cut your desired length. We are aiming for a circle with some wire left over.

2013 nov-dec 025

2) Enclose the circle by wrapping the excess wire with the other end of the wire.

2013 nov-dec 026

3) Bend the sides together to form a rectangular oval.

2013 nov-dec 027 

4) Bend it again in half like shown (keep the roundness on the bottoms). This will make the hook.

2013 nov-dec 028

5) Set up the thumb tack by putting it in your wall (or wood or something, not a corkboard) and leave like 5mm of space.

2013 nov-dec 029 2013 nov-dec 030

6) Insert your ‘hook’ into the gap of the thumbtack on one of the larger ‘C’s with the gap of the ‘C’ facing downwards. Press on the ‘hook’ to make it upright.

2013 nov-dec 031 2013 nov-dec 032


2013 nov-dec 033

2013 nov-dec 034  

You can even hang your (notso heavy) bags on it!


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Forgive and forget

My total lack of posting. I've been busy.. Studying! (Cough cough, watching anime, cough..)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pins, pins, pins!

 I have an obsession – its pinning. Not in the pinterest way but in the legitimate pins in wall/corkboard way.
macarons and pins 020 
They give my room a bit of a more artsy feel – in my opinion.
They hold up my pens (with the help of wire)!!
The Papermate Inkjoy pens are amazzzzing! Also the gel ink pens by the same brand, not the clicky ones but the lid ones.
Don’t use Blu-Tack! Use a pin and a clip! It looks cool, ok?
I drew all of Zukos hair throughout the series.
Pin to hold up my $2 headphones!
Pin to hold up my chalkboard!
School mag with the pope!
This is the coolest way to hang up your notepads.
My favourite art thing at the moment.
My face is gross (and will be forever more!) Goodbye!