Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flickr Favorites

1. 1600 pandas
2. Panda in the tree
3. Snowy Tai
4. Baby panda close up

I absolutely LOVE pandas. Cute, fluffy and irresistible creatures!  I finally get what to do for the mosaic. I gotta go to flickr and get photos (easier than I used to do it)

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  1. Such cute pandas! Are you in Thailand? They have a TV channel there, which broadcasts a pandas life 24 hours a day.

  2. Pandas are really cute. Do you know that video on Youtube with Panda sneezing? Lovely, you should search for it.

  3. so sweet!!! it's such a cute animal!

  4. Thankyou. I wish i was in Thailand! I want to see pandas all day. Oh, and when a panda is sneezing it is cute!

  5. so cute

  6. Oohh, I'm so glad you finally worked out how to do the mosaics - if I had known you had any trouble with it...
    Love the massive amount of panda's in the first pic - must be so cool to see in real life! :)

  7. Artmind- I would love to see them in real life!
    Charmane- Oh my god so cute :)

  8. i like pandas their awesome....


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