Wednesday, August 11, 2010

mosaic- food.

1. burnt cookies 2. black cookie. 3. more cookies
4. before, icecream cake. 5. meanwhile.... 6. where is that ice cream cake?!

I love food but sometimes, it doesnt go according to plan. The cookies used to be these beautiful cinnamon cookies and i left them a couple minutes too late. The ice cream cake is heaven! its creamy, icy and tasty! The only bad thing is that it goes quickly! go to Artmind for more mosaics and crafty fun!


  1. Ohh, I love cookies but not burned ones! Hope you had a good batch left to eat straight away! :)

  2. unfortunately, they were the last ones :( thankyou though!

  3. Hi Veronica! You are brave that you showed the black one also. :-) Most people want to hide what went wrong. So, you live a full life as you said your profile. :-)

  4. Thank you! Although that sad but unique black cookie was black, at least i had a go!


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