Tuesday, April 19, 2011



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Remember my Broken Hearts post? Well, I framed it, with one of my notes from my friend. I get bored so yeaah. My second picture is a bunch of corkboard hearts with a charm hanging off.

                 The frames were from Typo, Cotton on.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hats, tape and stamps

2011 April 021    

My old primary school had its annual easter hat parade last week. I miss TAPS. My brother remade his hat from last year. He added a few more chickens on tops :D The blue ones were my favourite. Unfortunately, no help from me.

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My last post said that I bought 3 rolls of washi paper tape, well here it is. I love the lovely colours and patterns! I used a book binding thingo to hold them :D

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I made some stamps over the past weeks. Im still a beginner!

Paintings, stickers, and tickets

2011 April 026   2011 April 030 2011 April 028
These are my drawings and paintings. The second is of Julian Casablancas :D The 3rd picture is a random painting. I dont know why I painted that, but, it looks pretty good.
2011 April 031 2011 April 032
My “air balloon” in my room is so awesome :D To make it even more awesome, I stuck on my stickers :D One side has a random Victorian lady, and the second has Ash, and Brock. With a 2 Pok√©mon.