Friday, April 15, 2011

Paintings, stickers, and tickets

2011 April 026   2011 April 030 2011 April 028
These are my drawings and paintings. The second is of Julian Casablancas :D The 3rd picture is a random painting. I dont know why I painted that, but, it looks pretty good.
2011 April 031 2011 April 032
My “air balloon” in my room is so awesome :D To make it even more awesome, I stuck on my stickers :D One side has a random Victorian lady, and the second has Ash, and Brock. With a 2 Pokémon.
2011 April 039
Have you heard about Borders?!! Its so sad :’( I cant believe they dont have enough money to keep all of the stores running. Now there is only 1 borders in my state. :( But, 30%-50% off, goodness!) I bought a sketchbook, a grid book (above), and 3 rolls of washi paper tape. hehhee
2011 April 044  
A roll of tickets :DD They are so cool.
2011 April 057 2011 April 059 2011 April 060 
My cousin gave me these ages ago. She got them for her birthday like, 2 years ago, and hadn't used them. She gave 1 of them to my other cousin. Anyways, My washi paper tape looks yummy so i decorated it with it!
 2011 April 065
So. I love my holidays so far. I dont like high school. Ive broken 2 rulers, lost one and made 1 new friend. But I have my primary budddiess, but my childhood friends went away, to other highschools :(

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