Wednesday, December 21, 2011

White badge.

Vernonns cam 076

Just a few weeks ago I made this pin not make make but made it look what it looks like now.

Vernonns cam 075 

You need an ugly pin you want to make cooler, nail polish ( I used white ), a cup lid or something and a labeller.

Vernonns cam 077

First pour some nail polish into the cup lid.

Vernonns cam 078

Afterwards dip the pin into it, making sure all the image part of the pin is covered.

Vernonns cam 079 

Then let it to dry.

Vernonns cam 084

When dry, stick a label on top!

Vernonns cam 095

FINITO! You can do this with any size of pin!

Monday, December 19, 2011

My 3 months of nothing.

Vernonns cam 009

My cousin let me borrow some DVDs so I can further my knowledge of movies and quotes. I finished them today kicking it off with Stand by me. Trust me its real good.

Vernonns cam 076

This is a nail polish covered pin I made. Pree cool. In a further post I will show you how to make one.

Vernonns cam 096

My cousin let me borrow his tablet. SO-O-O happy cause Im getting real good. [check it out here]

Vernonns cam 098

My pencil case now cause I left my other one at a classroom. 1 and a half hours later I came back for it and found it ripped up and my good crap stolen.

Vernonns cam 103Vernonns cam 105Vernonns cam 107

My apron I made for my MT:textiles assignment. It got 49/50!

vvernond bedroom dec 11 002 vvernond bedroom dec 11 006

So I went to spotlight to buy material for my Christmas costume and I bought this huge bag of beads and iron ons and misc for $5 and what I got was WAY more than $5 worth. I got this paint pen and drew on crap.

vvernond bedroom dec 11 008

My new watercolours cause when I wanted to paint i found out my dad threw out my box filled with paint and a painting of Chanel perfume.

vvernond bedroom dec 11 009vernond cam 2 001vernond cam 2 009

  I did some paintinnnnngs. First is a coke bottle. Then is some numbers which are weird. Finally is a taco. I wanted to do a collection of food paintings but wasnt bothered.

vvernond bedroom dec 11 015vvernond bedroom dec 11 016

Got a chalkboard from typo! $10!

It has been 3 montths-ish since my last post!