Friday, February 25, 2011

Ages ago!

Omgosh, sorry for not posting in a while!  I didn't have anything planned so.. I decided to share a colouring in thing i made last year like.. in May :D 
It looks weird cause
1) I used a mouse
2) I used Photoshop which strains my hand.
BUT! It looks alright I guess.. go crazy!
click to enlarge 

Monday, February 14, 2011



 paper doll



As an Etsy lover, I always skim through the wonderous pages of beautiful products, handmade or vintage, and spot all the item that suit my taste. One day, I spotted some paper dolls, that gave me inspiration to make a paperdoll of my own :DD The photos above have 2 dolls I made earlier, and it was so cute! I can put them in cute poses and everything :D Although, I didnt have paper fasteners, I used wire. I provided a do-it-yourself one :D it will be in the tutorials section :D


This is just a random drawing :DDD


OH! And Happy Valentines Day <3 ( I actually had my hair like that today, with the ribbon made headband :D)

*edit* I would like to introduce my Flickr page made in my mums name, with my selected user name~ click >> HERE