Friday, October 05, 2012

Monday, October 01, 2012

Decorating everything.

Hello internet! Its now monday which signals the last week of school holidays! Its labour day today so is supposed to be a public holiday. unfortunately its already school holidays so cant use that benefit for schoool life. oh well.

Last week however I attempted to paint again. I used Jennifer Im as a ref but then it didn't work out. Now its just another random lady.

At the start of painting.

El finito of painting. (4 glasses of water, one banana and 2 bowls of sweet chilli and sour cream chips later.)

I tried painting a cut out heart showing the wood but i stuffed it up so I covered it with messy paint-writing of the word girls

I was also so bored last week that I made cookies with fail royal icing decorations.

The only shapes I did were triangles, dots + circles, crosses, A's, semi circles etc.

i actually walked from my house to Glen alpine just to buy some flour. i swear never again because I saw alot of white vans and Glen alpine had an almost kidnapping before. ugh. They do have pretty houses, thats a plus? They werent really cooked and tasted like flour a bit. oh well.

My camera quality is gross, sorry. should I end most posts with a luvo? yes'm!