Friday, October 05, 2012

Instant Hamburgers from Kracie!

Yesterday I recieved a box full of japapese snacks that my brother and I bought from whiterabbitexpress!

We bought Kracie Hamburger and Sushi sets, Nerunenerunenerune and a lovely brush pen that it awesome!

Today I will show you (in extremely long and low quality picture form) how I made the hamburger!

This is what was inside: 

1 cup, plastic knife and spatula, food packets and the bowl stuff.

 Hooray for powdered food!

First you want to cut everything up along the lines and this also includes the packaging decorations for your food provided on the packet inside the box (that contained all the stuff). Then tape them on accordingly. (By the way, that little container is what you`ll use a cup for your water)

After you cut everything up, lets start!

First get your plastic container that looks like this.

Then add the yellowy packet.

Afterwards, add 2 cups of water. (the small container that was in the corner). Stir until its combined.

Flatten it out and then microwave for 30 seconds (in a 600 watt microwave). I did mine for 25 though..

Yum! It smelt so gooood!

 Along the lines, cut them.

Get your chip bag thing (from the packaging) and put them in. Set aside.


Put the brown packet powder into the other conatiner without ridges on the bottom. Add 1 cup of  water and stir until it looks disgusting.


Get your tri container and place the meat stuff into the middle section.

Time to make the bread. Get the orange packet and add to the same contsiner you used to stir the meat stuff.

Add 2 cups of water.

Fill the last 2 sections with the "bread" mix to the line. Microwave for 30 seconds in a 600 watt microwave.

 It smelt like real meat!

Take them out of the tri container and cut all of them in half.

Like this.

Now its time for the cheese! Add this sachet into the chip container and stir in 1 cup of water.

 Smelt like real cheese, felt like not real cheese.

From the packaging (the foily one) this was on it. Place your cheese on it and roll it out to the required lengths.

See?! Also, cut it in half along the middle.

Get the pink packet and add 2 cups of water. Stir.


Get your cup and fill it with water a few mm's under the line.

Yah huh.

Add the red sachet and it should fizz up! It was so amazing I made a gif.

Voila! Instant McDonalds. The taste verdict?

YUM! Tasted like more doughy potato fries. The sauce tasted like legit sauce.

Wow. the hamburger was like a real burger, but wasn't like a real burger. It tasted alright. The coke tasted like candy coca-cola candies you can buy.

4.5/5! woohoo! If you didnt get what I was explaining, here is a better explained video by RRcherrypie

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