Wednesday, September 07, 2011


CCF06092011_00000ruler front

Laminator+Paper+Awesome Pen=BLISS. I made some for my friends cause I'm going to the PHILIPPINES tomorrow. The cookie and the bunch of letters that spell  H-A-Y-L-E-E go to Haylee, the basketball and shirt go to my friend Natalie and the 3 peas and snow pea pod go to my friend Temia. My friend Temia goes to America today and show is going places! My other friend Haylee goes on a cruise when Temia comes back. Natalie on the other hand will go to Fiji during the school holidays. She is going to be lonered cause my other friends aren't in any of my other classes! So I wrote a message to my dear friend Nikolas.

BYE everyone for a month! check out my drawing tumblr ::HERE::