Monday, November 29, 2010

My November Pt 1

Cut out a photo then eat it 172
Cut out a photo then eat it 174
Cut out a photo then eat it 176
 Cut out a photo then eat it 184 againness 214
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First 2 photos: Lino cutting. I actually don`t know how to cut lino and stuff but I used my own technique to make an awesome stamp. The lino tools were given to me. ( Thanks Mrs Ward!)
Next 3 photos: Play doh. My school recently had a car boot sale which is is an event that allows people to reserve a table at my school and raise money for my education and learning resources. Me and my cousin had a budget of $7.50 each. My brother went before us with my mummy and I had declined the offer then. When me and my cousin went, my brother decided to join us. We didn't buy much, he mostly bought food and we joined forces to buy… play doh! The beautiful, squishy fun all packaged in one beautiful tub of gloriness. I had sculpted a head of a lady whom loved her hair large. My cousin had cut, squished and made this happy face in 3 minutes . I even bought a 20 bulb, battery operated pack of Christmas lights.
Last 4 photos: Pencilcases. You all know about my addiction to making my own pencilcases. well, for half of this term, I had used this pencilcase, then I used the pinkish purple pencil case. Afterwards I got tired of looking at the boring pink, which colour I simply and utterly loathe. I had then decided to make another one.
Sorry for the big text. I have a thing for describing things in weird ways..

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sets by me,

Another awesome set

It was past my bedtime and my photos were still uploading 
so I will post that planned post tomorrow and give you this
polyvore set by me. Hope you all like it :D

Posting decrease

Hello Subjects! I would like to inform you that I will obviously be posting again today or tomorrow because it takes ages to upload, and sorry for not posting for agess. I usually do 10 posts each month but 4 for November! That is entirely impossible. ahhaha.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hand drawn cartoon on speech cards + Moustaches

verned me

( Click image to enlarge it )
I was awesome enough to make that cartoon :D Its not as good as an artist thing but Its good for an 11 year old. I was even smart enough to provide an awesome photo that says-  This is a Verned production.
The last one are handdrawn and cut moustaches for Movember. In real life, they suit people well. just stock the printer with white cardboard and print away! Cut em and put on some string or blutack to attach under your nose! Whatever you do, be sure to send me a link of your photo!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


again...more pictures 635
I found this photo on the :C drive. When my computer crashed ages ago ( I have gotten over it ), everything disappeared, including some of my memorable photos which included memories, and awesomeness. All of the photos where imported onto my account except one time. Those one time photos survived.
Now, I am going to tell youse a description of a neighbourhood from the top of my head
The glowing, exhilarating morning came when summers dawn came into sight. The morning all came around and moulded everyone's depressing  moments into lesser memories which simply started to fade away. The lovingness of the neighbour hood was twisted, but utterly perfect to those whom inhabited here. Breakfast time had sprung upon them as if a spring had entered Times home and invaded the actual essence of time, and had stuck its self into breakfast time and sprung, simply. But anyways, as the families and probably animals whom also lived at the homey shack or house ate away at their huge, wooden tables , the time passed by like the Sand through the hourglass, pouring like a waterfall at a naturous village isolated by the beauty, and mystical objects who aren't seen, by man. They all haven't realised that the world was changing epically and so weirdly that everything just fell into place as they spoke.
That description didn't make sense, but heck, It was a pretty good one. Hope happiness comes your way!

Monday, November 08, 2010


CCF08112010_00005  CCF08112010_00006

These stickers are purely hand drawn using a permanent marker and are drawn onto some sticker paper. They are stickers of girls in animal costumes and are called “Cute Creatures/Critters” .
The last 2 photos have one which have my hand on it. It looks amazing.