Tuesday, November 09, 2010


again...more pictures 635
I found this photo on the :C drive. When my computer crashed ages ago ( I have gotten over it ), everything disappeared, including some of my memorable photos which included memories, and awesomeness. All of the photos where imported onto my account except one time. Those one time photos survived.
Now, I am going to tell youse a description of a neighbourhood from the top of my head
The glowing, exhilarating morning came when summers dawn came into sight. The morning all came around and moulded everyone's depressing  moments into lesser memories which simply started to fade away. The lovingness of the neighbour hood was twisted, but utterly perfect to those whom inhabited here. Breakfast time had sprung upon them as if a spring had entered Times home and invaded the actual essence of time, and had stuck its self into breakfast time and sprung, simply. But anyways, as the families and probably animals whom also lived at the homey shack or house ate away at their huge, wooden tables , the time passed by like the Sand through the hourglass, pouring like a waterfall at a naturous village isolated by the beauty, and mystical objects who aren't seen, by man. They all haven't realised that the world was changing epically and so weirdly that everything just fell into place as they spoke.
That description didn't make sense, but heck, It was a pretty good one. Hope happiness comes your way!

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