Thursday, January 27, 2011

Magnets and Valentines

  dsi, home, baby, and magnets 570   dsi, home, baby, and magnets 572 dsi, home, baby, and magnets 573 dsi, home, baby, and magnets 574 dsi, home, baby, and magnets 576dsi, home, baby, and magnets 577

One day I was strolling the aisles of Aldi, we had finished scavenging for food at the time a miracle happened. So as we approached the checkout, I passed some photo magnet supply. I quickly asked mummy if I may buy it, she said ok. I couldnt wait to use my ever so awesome magnet stuff. When we arrived home, I tested it out using an ongiri pixel art from previous post and it worked! no smudges! except for the ink, the ink did full print to so it was a faded colour but woo! it was awesome. I continued to make magnets. My favoutite is the pac man ones, retro geek :D

dsi, home, baby, and magnets 220dsi, home, baby, and magnets 218 dsi, home, baby, and magnets 219

Last year, on valentines day, I made cards and stuff for my friends and since its nearly valentines day.. I thought I might as well show you!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I downloaded a Paint Tool Sai trial 19 days ago and It has been hard work. Using a mouse is extremely frustrating, and al the results of my drawing have died, and failed.. then BOOM!!! Awesome drawing came along and was so awesome I even printed it. Ohhhhhh yeahhh, proness. nah, jokes. Its ok I guess. It looks way better when I printed it :L

Thursday, January 20, 2011



snails and lizards CCF06012011_00006 CCF06012011_00007 CCF06012011_00008 CCF06012011_00009 CCF06012011_00010 CCF06012011_00011 CCF28112010_00000


I drew, made or bought these last year. The first one is a random comic inspired by comments made on a status. The next 3 are stickers I made. A close teacher gave some sticker paper to me, and they are awesome. I am running out now… The next 2 are stickers I bought and drawing. The drawing+sticker photo has 20c stickers from school and random drawings. The photo after is a paper cut art, then random drawings.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Queensland Flood Disaster

 Grantham West of Brisbane Queensland  byline Dean Saffron 
These are photos of where the river flooded the town  killing people along the way.  The police are still looking for bodies 
ddoooog queens snake
Queensland is experiencing a devastating flood. It struck several days ago and Queensland are still staying strong and proud. Homes have been evacuated and wrecked, several people have died, or haven't been found.  Some areas are now recovering, some still in danger. if you would like to help, donate now at the Queensland flood relief appeal.

Monday, January 17, 2011



Just recently I have watched Pride and Prejudice (2005 version), It was amazing, ish, I would love to read the book! I had watched it on friday night.. I think on Channel Ten.
I decided to draw the two from this picture. 
 I cant seem to draw mouths much, as I have messed up both Elizabeth and Mr Darcy`s mouth up. ehhhh. Its alright I guess, from my point of view.

In the first picture is my new string platform or whatever, which is my alternative of a cork board. The spiral rope from my rope art post, had covered up glue tack on the left side, and on the right a mannequin to settle the 2. 
The next two pictures is my new table I got from my cousins, with all of my stuff on it. I really had my heart set on putting the sewing machine there. I got 2 new rubbers ( Faber castell ), a new artline fine tip pen and a new sharpener from modcloth (YAY).
The next two is my drawing imitation of pride and prejudices Elizabeth and Mr Darcy.
Next 2 are just images from my garden. The pink flowers are withering. sigh. 
The last 2 have my Japanese calendar photo i got from my year 5 teacher when she was cleaning out her store room. Oh how much I would like to go to japan, to shop, to dine, to see the beautiful scenery, or the scenery of factories :| The book is the book im currently reading, Its about a man named jack with a dream to pursue, to become an English gentleman, he compiles a list of how to become.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Flickr favourites


1. Love 2. Health 3. Habits 4. Happiness

It has been ages since the last mosaic.  This time, Artmind has chosen to play by theme, this theme is to provide a mosaic showing what you would like 2011 to be.

1. I would like this year, a year to get closer to my dog, Huckleberry ( or huckle for short ), by walking her and playing with her. 2. 2010 has been filled with confectionery and pizza :| this year, more rice! 3. Since I am now going to high school, there is going to be a homework overload, and at my high school, “ no homework brought in = detention.” ehh, that's good, but procrastination has infected my blood and has, well, taken up my body.( I cant explain things :(  ) 4. Sewing and craft are my happiness outlets. 2011 will hopefully bring me this.

Overall, hopefully 2011 will be as good as last year and I hope you too have a perfect 2011.

Please visit Artmind to indulge in beautiful craft pieces and why not try to participate in Flickr favourites ?

Monday, January 03, 2011

Rope art.

more! 054
more! 072
more! 051
This is my humble interior of my refurbished room, ish. I love how my room seems bigger and brighter, even at night. I today decided to make some rope stuff. it was fun, yet very hurtful due to the burns in got from the glue gun… hehehe. Its pretty isnt it? My inspiration was from My sweet prints , a blog , Click me!  Oh and happy new year everyone! sorry for the lack of posts!
( BTW,  I got a new camera, yay! )