Friday, January 07, 2011

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1. Love 2. Health 3. Habits 4. Happiness

It has been ages since the last mosaic.  This time, Artmind has chosen to play by theme, this theme is to provide a mosaic showing what you would like 2011 to be.

1. I would like this year, a year to get closer to my dog, Huckleberry ( or huckle for short ), by walking her and playing with her. 2. 2010 has been filled with confectionery and pizza :| this year, more rice! 3. Since I am now going to high school, there is going to be a homework overload, and at my high school, “ no homework brought in = detention.” ehh, that's good, but procrastination has infected my blood and has, well, taken up my body.( I cant explain things :(  ) 4. Sewing and craft are my happiness outlets. 2011 will hopefully bring me this.

Overall, hopefully 2011 will be as good as last year and I hope you too have a perfect 2011.

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  1. Great resolutions you have for 2011! Make it a happy one! :)


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