Monday, December 03, 2012

Disgustingly sewn embroidery

I haven’t been here in a while..
Yet I’m still updating it.
Lets continue.
I’ve recently decided to take up knitting and embroidery (I’m training to be a home-maker). Lets just say that I’m not exactly good at it.

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I started off with random stitches and I made bacteria or whatever. I actually just made random stiches which I spawned from many years of admiring from a distance and made a disgusting spitting image of what it was supposed to look like.

December 2012 1-4 019

I’m also so professional that I made my own hoop, out of a tape roll and elastic. I’m too poor and lazy to buy one. I don’t even have a job.

December 2012 1-4 039

I bought this pattern set from Typo in Late July, cause I saw it online and it caught my eye. Still haven’t used it. Still don’t know how to properly embroider.

During these past weeks, months, whatever I’ve spent it watching youtube videos that recently are now Daily Grace, Michael Aranda and Charlieissocoollike. They’re so cool. I want to eat them.

I’ve read more fanfictions and my addiction is actually fading away now. Zuko and Katara finally made out in the  Not Stalking Zuko trilogy. I have also written another fanfiction. Haven’t updated it yet.

I’ve read more  manga and watched more anime that includes: Suki-tte ii na yo (manga and anime) Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (anime) Girls of the Wilds (manga) Kimi-ni Todoke (manga and anime {finished!}) I think theres more to that but yeah, whatever.

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