Sunday, November 09, 2014

Not so productive 2014

Non-existent readers. I am back (kinda).

This was probably after New Years. The extent of my painting this year, I suppose.

I got a new intuos tablet! How did I purchase this pretty expensive product? More on it later on…

Oh yeah…. I also went to Japan!!
I know!!

Lonely walks turned shopping sprees, Spirited Away everywhere, attempted journaling (which lasted about 2 days before I stopped) and purchases at places that weren’t even Japanese. I had gone to Japan with my elective class from school and it was one of the best experiences ever. I still remember on one of our break days my friend and I just slept in, did our laundry and then went out by ourselves in Tokyo – eating at small cafes and shopping. everyone who went had love affairs with the convenience stores; Lawsons, 7/11 and Holdings and Family Mart were the places we went to for all of our snacks, sometimes even for full meals. When we came back all we could say was “Everyone should go, it was the best, you’ll love it” – because Japan is exactly that.

This isn’t even all of the books i’ve read this year. I have bought a ton of books and im still going through some. I read Norwegian Wood in Japan – considering that the author is Japanese himself. It was alright, but i remember fondly back to when I was reading it in the bath in a hotel I was at and nearly dropping it in the water. Some pages are still reminiscent of the peppermint body wash I used. I bought the Human Files at the airport. I have also gone through many young adult romance books. I love them.

About the INTUOS tablet…. I actually saved up for it as I had gotten a job at  McDonalds! I just applied for the job without telling my parents until I was contacted for an interview. I also had joined a karate club. You may remember my A:TLA infatuation. Its still in motion. The show really inspired me to join karate. I love it.

I’ll try to have more photos from Japan up in a later post – but everyone should still go!

Thanks for sticking around even a year on,  Veronica. 

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