Monday, December 02, 2013

Pin + wire hook tutorial


As you know, I’m a crafty girl and as previously posted about, my pinning obsession is still up and running. Recently I’ve began making hooks out of wire and pins (well.. thumb tacks) and today i’ll show you how to make them (in really hard to understand steps!

They look like this and they currently hold a note for school and my ‘Dymo’ labeller.

2013 nov-dec 0162013 nov-dec 013 2013 nov-dec 015 

This is what you need:

2013 nov-dec 023  

2013 nov-dec 024 

Thumbtacks (or as shown, drawing pins). Also a score from my cousins dead grandfather (r.i.p).

2013 nov-dec 020 



1) Get your wire and cut your desired length. We are aiming for a circle with some wire left over.

2013 nov-dec 025

2) Enclose the circle by wrapping the excess wire with the other end of the wire.

2013 nov-dec 026

3) Bend the sides together to form a rectangular oval.

2013 nov-dec 027 

4) Bend it again in half like shown (keep the roundness on the bottoms). This will make the hook.

2013 nov-dec 028

5) Set up the thumb tack by putting it in your wall (or wood or something, not a corkboard) and leave like 5mm of space.

2013 nov-dec 029 2013 nov-dec 030

6) Insert your ‘hook’ into the gap of the thumbtack on one of the larger ‘C’s with the gap of the ‘C’ facing downwards. Press on the ‘hook’ to make it upright.

2013 nov-dec 031 2013 nov-dec 032


2013 nov-dec 033

2013 nov-dec 034  

You can even hang your (notso heavy) bags on it!


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