Monday, August 19, 2013

What's up

 My absence from this blog can be blamed on assignments, socialness, distraction – but mainly the cause is laziness & procrastination. Sorry about that non-existent readers!

Anyways, I have recently started to draw again!! I also inked something but it may be kinda triggering..  So I probably shouldn't post it here.

Anyways, I’ve also started to read that ‘Steal like an Artist’ book and I absolutely adore it!! Mainly the cool illustrations and stuff. I bought it when I was in America because my now non-existent creativity levels dropped. *Shrugs*.  Anyways, I was rummaging through the Facebook page of a favourite artist of mine, Mel Stringer, and I found a drawing which I was so inspired that I ‘drew’ her. My girl is a bit slimmer, smaller eyes, weird mouth and has less boobage but still.


Also,  one of my favourite parts of my room is this section :

bedroom jul-aug 2013 001

bedroom jul-aug 2013 007

It features a $1 metal plate with the letter ‘V’ on it from Typo. Loving industrial things. There is also a photo of my brother looking constipated, $2 broken headphones that looked pretty and my assignment schedule thing on a, again, Typo chalkboard. I don't know why I like this part though…
Anyways, I’ve also been collecting at small amounts at a time, these Journey magazines I get from my school. I go to a catholic high school and an inside joke between my friends and I have something to do with the pope.

bedroom jul-aug 2013 006

I currently have 16 in my possession.
By the way, I’m not mocking the pope. I kinda like him and his acceptance of Gay marriage..I suppose. 
Here's an inking I did that is Emily the Strange-esque to me.

bedroom jul-aug 2013 012

Also, a drawing of two girls that I want to make a comic about. She is best friends with a guy who she thinks is perfect for the other girl but he actually like her and the girl likes someone else who could totally be the other girls brother or something.
The one wearing boots wanted a longer skirt but the said they didn't have anymore. Also she wore boots to cover up her legs a bit more or a rebellious thing.
The long haired girl is somewhat of a goodie goodie and her only friend is this ridiculously attractive guy but he is semi-dorky in a cute way and sjhdsgjdh. Shy? I WISH I COULD DRAW CHARACTERS THE SAME SEVERAL TIMES!! Also I wish I can make good plot lines and keep them steady.

bedroom jul-aug 2013 003

They weren't supposed to look like they were 'holding hands’.  I RAN OUT OF SPACE. I could have a mini story where people spread a rumour that one likes the other and they were like – oh man I don't wanna hurt their feelings so they try to pretend to reciprocate the ‘feelings’ and they were like YOU DONT LIKE ME?! and then they laugh and never speak of it again.

bedroom jul-aug 2013 013

Remember the Zuko’s I drew? I CLIPPED THEM!!! TOGETHER!! They look really cool now!

bedroom jul-aug 2013 005


bedroom jul-aug 2013 019

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