Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Inking with India Ink


Finally, you’ve gotten some art stuff! If you don't already follow me on instagram, you wouldn't know that I've recently bought some Winsor and Newton India ink. Since that purchase I've gone crazzzzy over it. Seriously, its the most relaxing thing ever and its way easier than painting.

My ink purchase was brought on by one of my new artist crush, Stephanie Pepper.  She often uses Bombay ink for her art (which my local art store doesn't supply, wah) and watercolours for the colouring. You guys should definitely check her art out, its amazing. (Might I add that she owns a snake and a lizard?! Thats rad!!)

Now onto my art stuff. The only ink I bought was this black one and so far I love it!! They’re very pigmented, as they should be. I used the ink on Arches paper and the one I chose was really thick but good. When I used the ink on the Arches paper it didn't bleed and still provided a nice canvas for it. Ok. um yeah. 


 ink 1

Look here!! Pizza!! Girls!! Coffee?!!

ink 2

I’ve had my eye on the AA baseball tee for a while..

ink 3

I ruined it with the gills. I was gonna erase it out before I posted it here but I decided against it.

ink 4

I CAN DRAW MEN NOW!! (with long necks)..

ink 5

The worst one. This was one of the first official drawings I did with the ink. My mum hates it on account of her fear of snakes.

ink 6

Sweaty fitness girl with bandages!!!


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