Sunday, September 30, 2012


I'm currently at my cousins house as my dad is gambling with my uncles. Also since my mum is working now we are made to go to my cousins house with him. I have nothing else to do (except finish watching Kimi ni Todoke and waste my cousins internet) but surf the web for fun activities. I want to make a post for no reason at all! First, lets talk about my cousins laptop.

His laptop is being provided by his school (as schools within our diocese provide elctronic devices with holding our agreement to terms and semesterly payment) is a Apple Macbook. Its just a simple Macbook in white. I was going to get one but my school provided me with a Thinkpad. Its alright but not really suited to my taste. Too small. Anyways, his laptop has some MAJOR issues right know.

1. The noticeable broken pixels in the top left hand corner. I have been told not to touch the screen or else it with further break and die a most painful death.

2. The chipped of touchpad. On the bottom left area there is a bit that is chaipped off. He said he was angry and uh--- I forgot the rest.

3. The inflammed under plastic-silicone coating. On the bottom of this Macbook there is some silcone coating mat underneath. On the left side (why always the left?) the silcone is falling off a bit and is very lumpy. You press on the lumps and ore come on and they pop away. weird.

I've also been watching Kimi ni Todoke. Im currently in the process of watching the last episode of the first season (are there any more?!) and its ah-mazzzzing! The graphics are beautiful too.

I'll probably post tomorrow after cleaning my room. laters!

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