Tuesday, April 17, 2012


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My room always wakes me up to lovely sunshine peeking through the curtains. My yellow walls exaggerate the shine more.
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The first 8 images are the watercolour pencil paintings I recently did. I have recently taken interest in Mulan and fanfictions about the non-canon shipping of Zutara in ALTA. The first image was supposed to be a simple geisha inspired piece, but I stuffed it up, and turning into a woman in an emotional wreck. Second is the girl with what it seems water coming out of the failedly painted fingers, this was spawned from the episode “The Southern Raiders”. I dont know about the third, I wanted to paint something pretty. The fourth is supposedly a man, Its really hard to tell what it came from in my mind. The fifth is a balloon and the sixth are like where I scribbled the watercolour pencils onto to create paint. The 2 images under are my trusted Faber Castelle Albrecht Durer pencils. I got them for $5, second hand. NEVER USED! I dont care if they arent legit, they are really good. Using a really awesome pen I have,which I have to recommend sometime, I drew random faces. Also, my walls look dirty from all the left over blu-tack!
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One of the things I bought online recently is this Zine I got off Etsy. Its from the Etsy "MeltBrianna" and Its called Things my friends say. I wanted to get something with cool drawings. I got this patch with the saying Palm Reader” for free! I Officially love Etsy!

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