Sunday, June 05, 2011

Headbands, random folds and paint.

  sfsrt 408

I drew on my paint lids for fun. I havent used them yet though..
sfsrt 383sfsrt 384
It was a Friday afternoon, without ANYTHING to do, so I picked up some square pieces of paper I got for Christmas and I folded. I ended up with 20 paper hearts with weird wings. On some I put safety pins on the back, to create badges, then I transformed it into a circle of awesomeness.
sfsrt 412
I even started making headbands, and since I broke the sewing machine, which was my grandmothers (she's alive still!) so I used a glue gun. This headband has Black lace, with green ribbon underneath. (might I state 3/4 of these headbands  have black lace!)
sfsrt 416 sfsrt 419 sfsrt 420
This headband features stretchy black lace, and black elastic. It also features a plastic, golden button with an image of an anchor,  with lace and black ribbon through it.
sfsrt 422
This last one has black elastic with white feathers coming out of it.
I've been busy doing assignments, and being lazy as I usually am. Sorry for the lack of updates!

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